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with Our Pool Supplies & Chemicals

Prepare your pool for the summer months with pool supplies, including chemicals, from our company in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania. A & J Pool's has all of the pools supplies and parts you need to ensure your pool is safe and ready for the summer. We also provide expert pool repair and maintenance services. Call us at (877) 871-4468 in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania, to schedule our maintenance or repair services.
Pool, Pool Supplies in Brodheadsville, PA

Pool Supplies & Parts
At A & J Pool's, we carry all Hayward® brand pool supplies, including filters, motors, heaters, salt generators, and automatic pool cleaners. You will find that we also offer above and in-ground pool lighting as well as pool fountains, which make a beautiful addition to your pool. Additionally, we carry a variety of swimming pool toys to add your pool time fun.

Pool Chemicals
Ensure your pool is clean and safe by using our pool chemicals. We sell a wide variety of pool chemical brands, from Pool Breeze® to United Chemical Corporation®.

 • Pool Breeze (Chlorine Product)
 • Brilliance® (Bromine and Spa Chemicals)
 • Baquacil® (Non-Chlorine Pool Chemicals)
 • Baqua Spa® (Non-Chlorine Spa Chemicals)
 • United Chemical Corporation
 • GLB® Products

Pool Repair & Maintenance
In addition to our pool supplies, we offer maintenance, replacement, pump repair, and liner replacement on above and in ground pools when you purchase any of our pools for sale. For your convenience and to save you time, we offer weekly maintenance services as well as a free pinpoint water analysis. You will find that all maintenance and repair services are taken care of promptly so you can get back to enjoying your pool.

Contact us in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania, for further details about any of our pool supplies.